2002 Integrity Toys Jason Wu Icons Janay Fashion Idol Doll Nrfb

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This 2002 Integrity Toys Jason Wu ICONS JANAY Fashion Idol Doll is a must-have for collectors and fans alike. The 12-inch doll features stunning brown doll hair and a dark complexion, reflecting the beautiful African American ethnicity of the character. The doll comes in its original packaging, unopened and untouched, making it a perfect addition to any collection. The set includes various accessories and items, adding to the value of this beautiful fashion doll. The doll is a girl doll, and the product line is Icons. This doll is perfect for all occasions and would make a great gift for ...

Integrity Toys Modern Renaissance Curated Event Fashion Doll Nrfb New In Box

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This Integrity Toys Modern Renaissance fashion doll is a stunning addition to any collection. With beautiful blonde updo hair and light complexion, this 12.5 inch doll is designed by artist Jessy Ayala and portrays the character of Bianna Park. The set includes accessories and jewelry, packaged in the original box. Jessy Ayala -The Wonderful Doll Artist Graciously Signed The Box!