Merlin And Morgan Le Fay 2000 Barbie & Ken Doll Magic & Mystery Nrfb 27287

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This limited edition set includes a 12-inch Barbie and Ken doll from the Magic & Mystery franchise. The dolls are new in their original packaging and have never been removed. The dolls' hair color and type, eye color, and complexion vary, giving each doll a unique look. The dolls are made of vinyl and were manufactured in the year 2000. The set is inspired by the legendary characters Merlin and Morgan Le Fay, and is a great addition to any doll collection. This original, licensed reproduction fashion doll set is perfect for fans of the Magic & Mystery franchise or collectors of ...

Fashion Royalty Grand Gala In Rome Karolin Stone Doll Nrfb With Shipper

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   Grand Gala in Rome Karolin Stone Doll. Doll is brand new and has never been removed from the box. 12.5-inch articulated doll with intricately styled, rooted hair. Pink, long sleeved off-shoulder "bonbon" mini-dress with embroidered and beaded embellishments on the skirt. Seafoam green tulle petticoat/underskirt (not shown). Floor length, show-stopping overskirt finished with ruffled details. Floor length, seafoam green lace veil with ruffle accents. Matching clutch purse with rhinestone accents. Pair of thigh-high pink boots. Pair of pink chunky platform heels. Intricate choker ...

Goddess Of Beauty Barbie Doll Classical Goddess Collection Nrfb 27286

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Introducing the stunning Goddess of Beauty Barbie Doll from the Classical Goddess Collection. This limited edition doll, manufactured by Mattel in the year 2000, is an original and licensed reproduction of the popular Barbie franchise. The doll features a beautiful, varying complexion and eye color, with doll hair type and color also varying. The doll comes in its original, unopened packaging and is made of high-quality plastic materials. The set includes the doll itself and is a must-have for any Barbie collector or fan. Don't miss out on adding this gorgeous doll to your collection!...

Nrfb Integrity Fashion Royalty Beach Bombshell Natalia Fatale Doll W Extra Hands

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New and NRFB with all accessories plus an extra set of hands. Doll is Sunkissed skin tone and is doll number 3174 out of the 5000 limited edition. She will come with an additional set of hands as well. She is an absolutely gorgeous doll! Please let me know if you have any questions. From a smoke free home.   

1998 Scarlett O' Hara Gone With The Wind Barbie Doll Bbq @ Twelve Oaks Nrfb New

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This Barbie doll is a timeless treasure from 1998 that captures the character of Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. The doll is new and still in its original (unopened) packaging. It stands at 12 inches tall and features brown, straight hair and blue eyes. The doll is part of the Mattel franchise and product line, and was manufactured in Indonesia in the 1990s. Included in the set is a single unit doll dressed in a BBQ outfit from the movie scene at Twelve Oaks. The doll is made of plastic and is an original, licensed reproduction. This is a must-have for any Barbie or Gone With The Wind...