Nrfb 1977 Gay Bob Doll & Fashion Catalog Rare! Great Coming Out Gift Lgbt

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   Vintage 1977 Gay Bob Doll, still attached in box, NRFB, never displayed. RARE MIB Vintage 1977 Gay Bob Doll! Hes 42 years old, fit, fun and FABULOUS!! Help Gay Bob come out of the closet.. Hes been in mine for almost 42 years! Rare, hard to find in this condition, Gay Bob doll, NRFB! Gay Bob was the first gay doll ever created. Bob is 12"-13" tall, has blond flocked hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a pierced ear and wears a flannel shirt, tight jeans and cowboy boots. The ensemble is tastefully accessorized with a link chain around his neck and a shoulder man bag. Gay Bob is anatomically ...