Tonner Ellowyne Wilde Seashore Vintage Le 100 Ufdc Baltimore 2021 Nrfb

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   Tonner Ellowyne Wilde Seashore Vintage LE 100 UFDC Baltimore 2021 NRFB. Seashore Vintage Ellowyne Wilde was specially made by Robert Tonner Design for a dinner at the 72nd UFDC National Convention held in Baltimore in July of 2021. This doll was released in a very limited edition of 100 dolls for those who attended the dinner. The theme of the convention was "By the Sea" and so Ellowyne Wilde comes to you dressed in a vintage, early 1900s navy blue (with ribbon trim) bathing costume. She has painted brown eyes and long blond curly hair with braids. Her outfit is completed by ...